"Our readers are really enjoying your puzzles...."
The Valley newspaper

"We... hear feedback each month that some readers picked up [our] magazine specifically for [your] puzzles."
Sand Life magazine

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Delivery Schedule

Puzzles are delivered starting on the day that you start the subscription, and on the interval thereafter.

For example, so if you are setting up a weekly subscription, and need the puzzles delivered each Thursday, you should wait until Thursday to start the subscription. Similarly, if you are setting up a monthly subscription, and need the puzzles on the 15th of the month, you should start the subscription on the 15th.

I would like to receive each* of the following puzzles:

  Crossword Puzzle(s) (US$6 each)
  Enigma™ Cryptogram(s) (US$5 each)
  Sudoku Puzzle(s) (US$6 each)
  Set of Crossword, Sudoku and Enigma (US$16 for all three puzzles)

*puzzles are always delivered sequentially. For example, if you order six crossword puzzles, you will receive six different puzzles, in order. Don't worry, you will never receive duplicates.

I would like these puzzles delivered once every :


Name of publication for which these puzzles are intended:

Example: "The Walkerton Independent"

How hard will it be to cancel my subscription?

Believe it or not, it is actually easier to cancel your subscription than it is to start it.

No questions are asked, you don't even have to call us... you will not have to worry about constantly busy, unanswered rings or automatically being forwarded to voice mail.

To cancel, just go to your PayPal account, locate the subscription signup transaction (under the "History" tab) and click the "Cancel" button. Or, you can just email us at sales@satoripublishing.comand let us know that you want to cancel the subscription, and we can cancel it for you.